PropUtils - Improving Efficiency in Property Utilities Management

We take care of your manual property management tasks so you can focus on your business.

Reliable. Efficient. Paperless.

Our Services

We offer an ecosystem of solutions to the property industry.

Utility Bills Management

Our system automatically calculates monthly bills owed by your tenants and stores details on payments made.

Tenant Management

Our system allows you to have a centralized database with all your tenant information.

Property Management

Our system provides a centralized platform for managing all your properties in one place.

Seamless Communication

Our system automatically sends information to your tenants through sms/email informing them of their monthly bills.

All in one

Manage water bills and payments efficiently from one central system

Real-Time Automated Notices

Send notices to your tenants all at once in real-time

What you will get

  • Centralized dashboard with all your property, landlord, and tenant information
  • Automated communication of water bills via SMS
  • A mobile-friendly system allowing you to work from any device. Our system is build as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) and can be installed on any device.
  • Full-time customer support by our dedicated team
  • Easy tracking of tenant payments
  • Automated sending of notices to tenants via SMS

Ready to change how you manage your property?

Our team will walk you throughout the onboarding process, ensuring seamless migration from your current system.

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Enjoy all the power that our system offers. From as little as Ksh 20/- per month per tenant, discover all the possibilities we have for you.

Up to 50 Tenants

Ksh1,000 / month

51 - 100 Tenants

Ksh2,000 / month

201 - 250 Tenants

Ksh5,000 / month

251 - 300 Tenants

Ksh6,000 / month

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We want to work with you and bring the much-needed peace of mind when it comes to property management. Here's how to reach us.


Nairobi, Kenya


+254 737 406 466